15 lbs gone, another 20 or so to go!

Posted on February 10, 2006 by

Meals are very nutritious and healthy (white meats, salads, nuts, cheese), cutting back on the coffee (down to 1 or 2 cups a day, decaf when I can get it), and taking my vitamins.

I can already sense the shrinking of my “love handles”, a feeling that brings with it a great sense of accomplsihment! I am moving forward along my belt, and I can now wear a couple more shirts that I have, for the past while, been unable to fit into without popping buttons or stretching them…

Of course, I am aware the pace of weight loss is now about to slow considerably and I will be tempted to break free once in a while, but I am trying to persevere. Went to the movie theatre last night and ate only a handful of brazil nuts that I picked up at the Bulk Barn just before I went in. BUT… I missed the popcorn! Oh well, once things get under control and at a reasonable level, I can add some treats once in a while.>



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