FOLLOW UP: Bose Quiet Comfort QC 15 Headphones (with Mobile Communications Kit)

Posted on March 7, 2011 by

This is a follow-up to my review of the Bose QC15 active noise reduction headphones, titled Bose Quiet Comfort QC15 Headphones (with Mobile Communications Kit)

A reader named Mark contacted me and asked for some more details, including sound quality of the Mobile Communications Kit in varying, less than ideal conditions. So, I decided to go for a short walk and get some outside background noise, and then also grab an equivalent memo indoors. It was very windy outside, so it was a great opportunity to test the microphone’s abilities in the wind. In both cases, the in-ear audio remained superb (I listened to music). As for microphone quality? Listen and make up your own mind.

Here is a sample of an iPhone voice memo, recorded Indoors, with very little ambient noise.

Here is a sample of an iPhone voice memo, recorded Outside, with significant ambient wind noise.

Hope these help give you a better understanding of call quality during ambient and windy conditions!