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Chris London

Eclectic free thinker, skeptic, humanist, secularist, polemicist, recently described as a 'Technology Beast'...

Myers-Briggs ENFJ- if that kind of information is of interest to you. I have been in the ICT industry for many years. I am a former Community College Instructor, a current SCUBA Instructor, as well as being an avid photographer, writer, and computer nerd who likes to think of himself as a rational, diplomatic, Todd Stiefel-style "Freethought Activist" (without Todd's huge cash reserves!).

While I have travelled all over the world, I call a little city on the East coast of Canada, Saint John, New Brunswick, my home.



Equal opportunity nerd!

Mac, Ubuntu/Linux, Windows, I use them all!

Mac User at home and sometimes at work!
Ubuntu User at home
Windows at work, sometimes at home