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iWear AV310 16:9 widescreen display

Posted on June 9, 2009 by

OK, this is kind of funny… If it wasn’t such a frivolous item it would be worth buying, but at the very least it would be fun to try them out. Too bad there are no local dealers to see a pair in action!

iWear AV310 16:9 widescreen display

Works on any video device
The AV310 Widescreen connects to all NTSC or PAL audio/video devices with video out. Supported devices* include:
• Portable DVD players
• iPod and other media players; iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod with Video, iPod noano (3rd Generation).
• Video cameras
• Cellular phones with video output
• Game consoles
• Laptop computers with S-Video output
Mostly Digital : iWear AV310 16:9 widescreen display


Windows 7 vs. Mac OS X Leopard

Posted on June 4, 2009 by

Interesting overview and initial, though not complete, comparison of the upcoming Windows 7 (Due out in October 2009) compared to Mac OS X Leopard. Of course, to be fair, as the author notes, the comparisons should really be between Windows 7 and the upcoming Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, since they are both the ‘new release’ operating systems.

There has been no ‘official’ release date for Snow Leopard, but it is expected to be announced next week at the Worldwide Developers Conference at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Rumours are for Fall 2009, likely before Windows 7!

Lifehacker- Windows 7 vs. Mac OS X Leopard: The Show Down


Out with the old, in with the new

Posted on April 6, 2008 by



After a faithful love affair with her, I have decided to trade in my faithful friend, the Palm Treo 650, for a newer, younger, sleeker sweetheart.

The new vixen? A black RIM Blackberry Pearl. blackberry_8130_handset_lg_bl

The reason? Well, it is a long and sordid tale that involves a formerly grand phone company that has recently lost its way in the mobility world when its wireless business was basically ripped away from it by its larger daddy, Bell.

The real issue revolved around the packages available and the entire concept of smartphones. I found the former company very unwilling to negotiate on simple terms surrounding data packs that I did not use or want. Telus plans are much more in lign with our lifestyle, so I guess that is the most important thing.

Anyway, Nadine and I have found through the years that, because we are so busy, a smartphone that contains all our calendar, contact, to do, and memo information from home and work is the only way we can keep from driving each other crazy with double bookings, childcare and vehicle issues. We don’t even use the Internet offering of a data pack on a smartphone, so, when her vintage Kyocera 7135 went on the fritz a few months ago, we hemmed and hawwed about giving up our cell phones completely and just using Palm Pilots or similar devices to keep up to date and keep from wasting money on data plans we never used.

Then came some recent events that made it very difficult to organize our lives with no cell phone, so we decided to take the plunge.

After some intensive investigating, blackberry_8130_handset_lg_pwe each now have a Blackberry pearl with a decent calling plan, unlimited personal email usage, synchronization capabilities with Microsoft Outlook, and even some text messaging thrown in. I selected a black one, while Nadine chose the pink one, which sends a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society in support of a cure for Breast Cancer. The difference in colour choice also help us to keep from grabbing the other person’s phone when we rush out the door!


I am still waiting on the Blackberry Curve to appear, possibly even this week. I have become addicted to having a full qwerty keyboard on my phone, but I am willing to give my Pearl a chance because it has all the functionality in a much smaller profile. Anyway, Telus has a 14 day return/upgrade period on new phones, so if the Curve arrives in the next week like it is supposed to and I am not 100% satisfied with the Pearl, I may take them up on their return policy!

Anyone interested in a slightly used Palm Treo 650? Going cheap! Get it before eBay does! 🙂

 All pictures graciously borrowed from their respective manufacturer’s websites and are not made by me, of course!


The dichotomy of me…

Posted on March 30, 2008 by

I picked up a new toy last week, an Apple iPod Touch. What a sweet plaything! I have been eyeing these things for a while, but the price was just a little too extravagant for me to justify it, so I was just borrowing Nadine’s Nano whenever I wanted my music fix. Well, I finally bit the bullet and picked one up, the 16 GB version, to give me more space for enough music AND lots of podcasts.

The iPod Touch does everything the Nano does, plus lots extra. As the name indicates, it has touch screen controls. As a matter of fact, it only has two buttons, one to turn it off and the other to send you to the menu at any time. Everything else is done by touching the glass front screen. The cover flow feature is really fun, you just surf through album covers until you find the one you want to listen to. The accelerometer (their word, not mine…) keeps the image aimed facing in the right direction for you, no matter how you hold the device, so if you prefer landscape over portrait, just turn it over.

It also has WiFi built in. Just this afternoon, while picking up some groceries at the mall, I grabbed a coffee at my favourite coffee joint, Java Moose and decided to check my email while there. So I pulled out my handy-dandy little iPod Touch, opened up the WiFi connection controls, selected their freespot wireless service, and was surfing in no time.

Of course, while I was playing with it tonight and writing notes for a university course at the same time with my Waterman fountain pen, the whole moment became surreal, a sort of paradox. I decided to take a quick picture and share the juxtaposition of it all!




Received my I.S.P. Professional Designation

Posted on July 1, 2006 by

I.S.P. designation. This is the IT industry equivalent to a PEng for engineers. It is a legal designation, carrying the same credibility as a PEng, CGA, etc.

This is an industry standard designation that, in the words of the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) means:

You are making a commitment to IT professionalism by ensuring you’re continuously updating your skills and gaining relevant experience. Your I.S.P. designation confirms your status as an IT practitioner of the highest integrity.

So, I am now officially:

Chris London, I.S.P.

I wonder what the pay raise for this will be… ;-)




Pet Google Tricks and other such things…

Posted on April 3, 2006 by

So apparently the new kick for techno-geeks is to think of something absurd, enter it into the search field on Google, then pick “I'm feeling lucky!” and see what you get. “French Military Victories” is a funny one, so is “George bush magic”, as well as “Failure”.


A neat website one of my students found is, which has all kinds of neat things to do to pass the time… Not sure why she found it during one of my web design classes, but we'll have that discussion some other time… ;-)

Here's one that will let you laugh (or groan) for hours! has a huge assortment of… well… stupid videos!>