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New Toy!

Posted on March 28, 2006 by

Kyocera 7135 Smartphone from a guy on eBay, and he lives in Rothesay!

I got into the habit of not carrying my palm pilot with me everywhere and that got to be a pain because I wouldn't have everything I wanted.

This phone is a hybrid of all the devices I use – cell phone, palm pilot (with colour screen), and MP3 player. It has an expansion slot for SD memory cards, so I can store lots of stuff on it, it is primarily a cell phone (as opposed to Blackberries, which are primarily PDAs), and I can send text messages using Palm's graffiti system rather than the keypad. Another plus is that this phone supports analog cell networks, so it will work in more places. Blackberries and Palm Treo smartphones do not support analog networks, so when you leave the urban centers, their usefullness drops considerably as a phone!

The big benefits – I can keep my phone filled with all my calendar events, notes, and contact list from Outlook and I can also click on anyone in the address book to dial them up. No more having multiple contact lists and a limited number of phone numbers in the cell!

Palm Books are another great item to have with me for sitting in waiting rooms or just to pass a few minutes here and there. Much smaller than a novel. And I can even keep a copy of family photos on it to show people! (Great because I am always getting grief for not carrying photos…)

Anyway, to buy this phone outright from Aliant is $599 ($399 if I sign a 3 year contract). I bought it from a very friendly fellow in Rothesay for $145, and that included: Phone, 2 Lithium Ion Batteries, 2 complete chargers/sync stations, 2 belt cases, and a car charger. PLUS the original packaging and instruction manual. I think I did quite well!


IE 7 Beta 2 isn't half bad… but sure ain't perfect!

Posted on February 1, 2006 by

Internet Explorer 7, BETA 2 … Being a Firefox fan, I am always a bit leery of IE because of the security holes, but I like some of the features.

First, it has a built-in RSS/Atom feed reader, so feed pages are formatted in something other than XML source! -)

Second, our web-based mail from work has lots of IE-only features that make it much simpler to use from away.

Third, it has now incorporated tabbed browsing. Now I know this has been standard on Firefox since forever, but it is a nice feature for IE to have because of the above-mentioned reasons I use IE…

There is a better pop-up blocker, a “phishing filter”, and some other features. It is still pretty new, so I haven't found all the new gadgets yet, but…

One thing that is REALLY sad is the built-in search box… You can choose from all kinds of search engines to use in it, EXCEPT Google… the ONLY real search engine and Microsoft's newst big competitor in the IT world… go figure! I am trying to find a way to insert google as my search tool, but it isn't working. Personally, I think it is a cheap scam by Micro$oft to get more hits to their crappy search engine.>



Time for a Mac???

Posted on January 26, 2006 by

But the new MacBook Pro is really catching my eye… Lots of power, nice features, and photoshop would fly on it…

Alas, unless I win the lottery, rob a bank, or find a new job, it isn't in the cards for a while!>



Google Flip Flop?

Posted on January 26, 2006 by

won't give search info to American feds but then turns around and censors their search info for China

I agree with their first decision, despise their second one… If China wants to become a major player in the world, they are going to have to start actually letting its citizens see there is a lot more to the world than the false picture painted to them by their government.>