Top geek @SaintJohnShawn wins $10K for hospital wait time app

Posted on March 9, 2012 by

Shawn Peterson, a young man I have the pleasure of knowing from his days as a student of mine at the New Brunswick Community College.

His current achievement was noted on his own blog post here.

His idea? From his own blog posts:

What if the data already collected by hospitals was used to display real-time estimates for emergency rooms wait times? 

His product gives patients an idea of how much time they should be able to expect to wait in a hospital emergency room, based on their injury. It can be accessed via computer or a mobile device. 

Shawn worked closely with Saint John Regional Hospital staff and administration for this project and hopes to have the project implemented provincially next.

Shawn has always been a go-getter. He is also the wonderful wizard behind, a web site that puts the Province of New Brunswick’s existing property tax assessment information pages to shame.

A shining example of local creativity, determination, and talent, I can’t wait to see what Shawn comes up with next!


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