After Cuba and home again…

Posted on March 15, 2007 by

Despite being in love with Cuba, every good trip has an ending. So here I am, sharing some of what I returned home to… 🙂
Snow Piles

What do you do with a pile of snow? Start shoveling!!!
snow removal

No Cuban can visit the “Imperialistic Western Empires” without visiting the most guilty of capitalist institutions… Wal-Mart and McDonalds! 🙂

Here is Henry, quoting passages from Che and Jose Marti to Ronald McDonald… 🙂
Ronald McDonald

Then he decided to show off for our Cuban friends who view this and not be zippered up to his eyeballs in the snow… 🙂
Golden Arches

When we pulled out from McDonalds and passed by our dilapidated harness racing track, Henry started laughing when he saw one of our “Canadian Coches”!
Canadian Coche


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