Last Morning…

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(posted after I returned home!)

Getting ready to leave the guest house… Eric (from our St. Andrews campus), Leonardo, Onis, and Arturo
Last Morning At Guest House

Henry, Leonardo, and I spent the morning in Havana wandering around, watching the tourists, and having a few beers (my last taste of Cuba… 🙁

Anyone who thinks there is no trade coming and going in Cuba hasn’t mentioned it to the lines of container ships and tourist buses that flood through Havana every day…
Shipping In Havana

The ‘Catedral’ is a beautiful building and is a “must” for photographers to visit.

For those of you who were wondering, this banner shows that apparently Fidel is still alive! 🙂

Henry was pretty excited on the plane ride…
Henry on Airplane

He took a great shot of another plane flying under us near New York. I told him it was the Americans shooting a missle near us as a warning because we had a Cuban on board… 🙂
Airplane Contrail

When we arrived in Toronto and went through customs, I went straight and Henry had to go through Immigration process. He looked at me with a quizical look as he was directed to a separate line and I just told him it was where they would perform the strip search! 🙂 Even the customs lady laughed when he figured out what I had said and his eyes widened! 🙂 I let him off the hook though, and just told him it was standard procedure for all foreigners. 🙂


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