Habs Crying towels for sale! Git yer crying towels!

Posted on May 3, 2006 by

So, another of my NHL playoff predictions has come true… Carolina knocked off the Montreal Canadiens tonight, in Montreal, in 6 games… Just like I said they would…

I really have no reason to gloat. As a fan of the Boston Bruins – a team that hasn't done much more than be cannon fodder for teams with any talent at all during the past 10 years or so – I know what it is like to go out early in the playoffs (or not make it at all, as this year has proven). I also know what it is like to watch what little talent that was present being traded away to winning teams where they excel – Thornton in San Jose, Samsonov in Edmonton…

But, having taken many lumps at the hands of those self-righteous Habs fans, and even though I am a tried and true ABM (Anybody But Montreal) fan for that very reason, I'm not gloating… much! ;-) >



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