IE 7 Beta 2 isn't half bad… but sure ain't perfect!

Posted on February 1, 2006 by

Internet Explorer 7, BETA 2 … Being a Firefox fan, I am always a bit leery of IE because of the security holes, but I like some of the features.

First, it has a built-in RSS/Atom feed reader, so feed pages are formatted in something other than XML source! -)

Second, our web-based mail from work has lots of IE-only features that make it much simpler to use from away.

Third, it has now incorporated tabbed browsing. Now I know this has been standard on Firefox since forever, but it is a nice feature for IE to have because of the above-mentioned reasons I use IE…

There is a better pop-up blocker, a “phishing filter”, and some other features. It is still pretty new, so I haven't found all the new gadgets yet, but…

One thing that is REALLY sad is the built-in search box… You can choose from all kinds of search engines to use in it, EXCEPT Google… the ONLY real search engine and Microsoft's newst big competitor in the IT world… go figure! I am trying to find a way to insert google as my search tool, but it isn't working. Personally, I think it is a cheap scam by Micro$oft to get more hits to their crappy search engine.>



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