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When times are tough, the thing to do is cut jobs, right? Well, maybe yes, maybe no. This particular situation smells a bit and goes against the whole concept of stimulus. If the federal government can consider bail-outs for such bloated for-profit corporations as GM, Ford and Chrysler, they can surely toss a few scraps to a crown corporation that provides quality, intelligent, and culturally sound programming to the entire country, not just the major population bases. In many regions of Canada, the CBC is the only link to the rest of the country.

As an avid CBC Radio listener, I know what makes CBC important and relevant is the local content. The sad part about this is that it will undoubtedly be local coverage that suffers as a result, causing more regional/national coverage and watering down the resulting content to the point of irrelevance, much like many automated private stations.

With almost any other government, I might believe this is simply a sign of the times. But Prime Minister Harper and his caucus has made it quite clear all along they have no love for the idea of a publicly-funded CBC. This is the work of an economist as Prime Minister who only believes in culture if it makes a fast buck and can stand on its own. No value is placed on anything that doesn’t make money.

By refusing to consider providing additional help, they are purposely bleeding the CBC dry and allowing it to fall apart at the seams. They know full well they would lose a confidence vote and suffer a massive defeat in the resulting election if they tried to do it directly. This way, they can shrug their shoulders and blame the economy.

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