Save our CBC Radio Rally

Posted on May 30, 2009 by

Today there was a “Save our CBC Radio” rally in King’s Square. A few hundred people showed up to protest the recent cuts to CBC Radio.

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  011.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  002.jpg

Stephen Tobias chaired the rally

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  004.jpg

Dave Nickerson spoke well

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  025.jpg

As did Nathalie Godbout

Nadine and I took the kids, had some fun!

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  015.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  033.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  044.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  056.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  057.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  010.jpg

John Elliot was proudly sporting his 91.3 information Morning T-Shirt!

Brent Mason and others performed for the crowd to show their support

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  013.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  023.jpg


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