Breaking News – Black Holes are Heavy!

Posted on June 11, 2009 by

National Geographic recently published an article entitled “Most Massive Black Holes Heavier Than Thought


According to the article:

A new computer model suggests the supermassive black hole at the heart of the giant galaxy M87 weighs the same as 6.4 billion suns—two to three times heavier than previous estimates.

Admittedly, initial calculations were hampered by the lack of a bathroom scale large enough to support the entire galaxy, and sources close to M87 revealed the reclusive celestial body had been shying away from the public in an effort to hide its eating disorder. Apparently gobbling up neighbouring stars has had a direct impact on its dimensions. A press release from its agent today stated that M87 has decided to enlist the aid of interstellar fitness experts and, despite the negative reviews from dietitians and nutritionists across the universe, will immediately begin a ‘low-star’ diet.

In other news, while National Geographic scientists may be smart, their writers could apparently still use an editor for their work every now and then. This article wins my ‘double entendre of the day‘ award and just begs me to ask the question…

Just exactly how heavy is thought?


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