Theory of Relativity according to a 6 Year Old

Posted on June 18, 2009 by

Leaving McDonald’s with his new (and overpriced) ‘Night at the Museum‘ Albert Einstein bobblehead toy, Aidan starts reading the information sheet that comes with it:

Aidan: “In the movie, the Einstein bobblehead helps Larry unlock the mystery of the tablet. The real Albert Einstein was born in Germany and is best known for his Theory of Relativity”

(yes, he is just finishing Kindergarten, and the only word on that info sheet he had trouble with was ‘relativity‘…)

Mommy: “Very Good! Did you know that Albert Einstein was one of the smartest people who ever lived?”

Aidan: (without missing a beat…) “Is that why they make toys that look like him?”

The way the mind of a kid works is just hilarious!


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