Teaching more intro to digital camera courses this Fall

Posted on July 9, 2009 by

Got asked to teach a few more ‘intro to digital camera’ courses as part of the Continuing Education program at the College this Fall. I taught a few last year for the first time, some were successful, some not so much. I learned a lot about the needs of the local market.

There are lots of good photography courses out there, and several are taught by friends of mine (Noel Chenier on his own, and Ivon Gaudet at Applebys). I really don’t want to be competing with them for that line of business, so I moved from a 5 week (one night/week) format that covered everything, to a one-day weekend seminar style. My seminars are more basic “how-to” sessions that introduce beginners to all the gadgets, dials, buttons, and modes on their digital cameras. Not surprisingly, I get a lot of seniors and parents who just want to learn why their pictures aren’t looking so great when they try to take family and kid shots!

Anyway, here’s the pitch line:

Do you have a new camera and aren’t sure what to do with it? Or maybe you have one and don’t know how to use it on anything except ‘auto’? Let us help you with some of the basics. We will discuss how to use your digital camera, identify what some of those buttons are for, show what some of the various ‘ modes’ are for, explain various file types and downloading techniques. We will also work on some basic rules of photography, including composition, lighting, and exposure.

Bring your camera and manual and let us show you how to take better pictures!


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