Supreme Court of Canada upholds some parts of anti-hate law, but not all…

Posted on February 27, 2013 by

Today the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that some of the province of Saskatchewan’s Anti Hate Speech laws were permissible because they were ‘reasonable limits’, even though they violate the Charter of Rights and Free Speech.

The story revolves around anti-gay activist Bill Whatcott – an obviously troubled individual – who has taken it upon himself to peddle anti-gay propaganda.

From the article:

The first two sets of flyers were titled “Keep homosexuality out of Saskatoon’s public schools” and “Sodomites in our public schools.”

The other two were photocopies of classified ads with Whatcott’s handwritten comments on them stating the ads were for “men seeking boys.”

The first two items (pamphlets) were determined to be hate speech, while the latter two were not.

I am torn on this. Primarily, I support anybody’s right to say what they believe, regardless of ludicrous and uneducated that may be. However, I also agree there need to be some restrictions. Interesting case, I think I’ll be reading the full; decision…


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