So, Coalition Governments aren't so bad now, Mr Harper?

Posted on May 11, 2010 by

Hmm, “coalition” government in the UK… Involving Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. In the very country upon which the parliamentary system of government used in Canada is based.

They are doing it for the sake of the people, it was what the people decided and they are working with it. A very democratic viewpoint, one shared by most Western democracies, a majority of which govern by coalition every day. As a matter of fact, coalitions represent the will of the people better than any single majority government (“dictatorship”?) ever could.

And I haven’t heard a single UK resident or politician (or even a Canadian Conservative…) utter the words “coup d’etat” while describing this particular coalition.

According to this article: “Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered Cameron his “sincere and heartfelt” congratulations, adding that Canada and Britain share a deep and enduring friendship forged by “hundreds of years of shared history, values and tradition.” All this without mentioning anything at all about his own feelings toward coalitions…

“Hundreds of years of shared history, values, and tradition”. Funny thing to hear from the man who screamed at the top of his lungs that democracy was being thwarted and called it an “undemocratic attempt to usurp power from his newly elected government through a backroom deal.” when the Liberals and NDP talked about a coalition.

I guess coalitions must only be a bad thing when Canada’s Conservatives are not invited…


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