Do we really need more prisons, or do we want the ‘American Dream’?

Posted on October 26, 2010 by

Crime is down in Canada, and gun-related murders are down as well. This is probably why our prison-loving Prime Minister wants to scrap Statistics Canada’s tools. Who will believe him when he says we need to spend billions on new prisons for putting imaginary criminals away???

We should all be happy for what we have in Canada and fight to keep it this way. Our higher taxes pay for social services, treatments, education, and effective policing programs that actually reduce crime, not just prisons to lock away the bad guys.

As an idea, let’s compare our national murder rate with that of some of our lesser-taxed, Southern neighbour’s states with comparable populations:

2009 Murder Rates

Canada (whole country)


Total Murders: 548 (all types, 179 were gun related)

Stat: 1 murder per 62,000 people


Notes: Manitoba was the deadliest province in Canada in 2009 for the third year running

United States


Population: 36,961,664

Total Murders: 1,972

Stat: 1 murder per 18,700 people



Population: 18,537,969

Total Murders: 1,017

Stat: 1 murder per 18,200 people


New York

Population: 19,541,453

Total Murders: 778

Stat: 1 murder per 25,000 people (quite safe by US standards)



Population: 12,604,767

Total Murders: 661

Stat: 1 murders per 19,000 people



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