Red Whale Coffee lockout shows poor business ethics

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I am writing you to express my concern and anger over Phil Brodersen’s decision to close the doors to Red Whale Coffee in Rothesay, NB. My understanding is that Red Whale Coffee was not behind on their lease payments, so I cannot begin to understand what would make Phil Brodersen want to lock their doors, simply because he wanted to place a different tenant in the location?

Red Whale Coffee is a great example of the type of business the KV should be looking to create and attract. Red Whale Coffee is a KV-based small business that offers the highest quality coffee in Southern New Brunswick, as well as a great atmosphere to sit back and enjoy the company of friends. They also¬†employed 15 people in the KV area. I have seen and met many of Southern New Brunswick’s business and government leaders enjoying themselves at Red Whale Coffee, so I am sure there are many others who are disappointed with these actions. An online Facebook page created to support Red Whale Coffee attracted over 100 people in a matter of hours, showing that Red Whale Coffee has some very loyal customers.

To explain how important this business is to the KV area, I live in Saint John but travel to Rothesay specifically to go to Red Whale Coffee. While in the KV for my coffee trips, I also do additional shopping and eating at several other KV-specific businesses – Cochrane’s, On the Vine, Thai Hut, Pomodori’s, and various shops on the main strip are some examples. All this additional shopping is done in the KV because I make special trips to visit Red Whale Coffee. Much of this additional shopping will stop if Red Whale Coffee no longer exists.

I cannot think of a better example of the type of business than Red Whale Coffee that the KV Chamber of Commerce should be supporting and promoting in the KV area, a business that is packed with locals and also attracts people from elsewhere. Instead, Phil Brodersen locked the doors and forced 15 KV employees out of work two weeks before the holidays.

When someone holds a position such as President of a Chamber of Commerce, sometimes they have to think about what is good for the area and not just themselves. Phil Brodersen is a representative of the KV Chamber of Commerce and as such, this does not reflect well on that organization’s business practices.

Above letter was sent to the KV Chamber of Commerce and as a Letter to the Editor at the Telegraph Journal


Response to Red Whale Coffee lockout shows poor business ethics