Hobo with a Shotgun – Movie Review

Posted on March 28, 2011 by

Because it was filmed in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and Produced by local Rothesay boy (Jason Eisener), we decided to go and see ‘Hobo with a Shotgun‘ tonight.

The movie was hilarious, I haven’t laughed that hard out loud in a LONG time!

It was filmed in a very noir setting, even using old film techniques. And be prepared for lots of silliness that includes a distinct blast from the past. From K Cars to Bricklins, old Canadian money to street violence, topless women beating on a man hanging as a pinata to George Stromboulopolous getting killed by a skate blade… Every cheesy line and every cheesy cliche you have ever seen in a splatter film was used, abused, re-used, re-abused, spewed out as part of another cliche, then recycled into yet another cliche.

It was like watching ‘Warriors’, ‘Escape from New York’, and ‘Mad Max’ meets ‘Dawn of the Dead’, and ‘Texas Chainsaw’ during a viewing of ‘Halloween’ at an intersection while they duke it out with crude, makeshift weapons in an attempt to see who can depict the most gore, pretend human organs, and gallons of fake blood. Classic ‘B’ cult flick stuff. It must have taken the Dartmouth Fire Department months to get the red stains off the streets!!! 😉

However, Melissa was less impressed. She basically had these three statements:

(1) “I think my IQ dropped while I was in there”,
(2) “Whoever thought of this sh*t must have been stoned”, and
(3) “I can’t believe this is the kind of sh*t the government gives them money to make”.

I guess everyone’s a critic. She’s must be leaning toward voting Conservative… 🙂

Anyway, after Melissa’s vivid critiques, I knew I would be forced to absolve her of any responsibility for all the chick flicks she has made me watch to date, and likely quite a few for some time to come… It was worth it though, we can laugh about this one for years! 😉


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