Is your house as ‘hooked’ on the Internet as mine?

Posted on October 28, 2011 by

At any one time, I have the potential for the following devices connected to the internet:

1 x iMac,
1 x MacBookPro using WiFi,
2 x Dell work laptops using WiFi (it’s drudgery using theseā€¦ ;-),
2 x iPod Touches using WiFi,
1 x Netbook using WiFi,
1 x BluRay DVR with WiFi, BD-Live and Netflix,
1 x Wii with WiFi and Netflix,
1 x iPhone using WiFi, and
1 x BlackBerry using WiFi

To be truthful, we are not a house full of techie nuts. Well, OK, I am… But the reason we have so many differing devices is due to a ‘Brady Bunch’ situation – my girlfriend and I each have 2 of our own children, and we have semi-adopted one of her daughter’s friends, so we likely have more devices than most families should.

It is really hard to believe until you start listing the sheer number of devices that utilize the Internet…


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