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Save our CBC Radio Rally

Posted on May 30, 2009 by

Today there was a “Save our CBC Radio” rally in King’s Square. A few hundred people showed up to protest the recent cuts to CBC Radio.

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  011.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  002.jpg

Stephen Tobias chaired the rally

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  004.jpg

Dave Nickerson spoke well

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  025.jpg

As did Nathalie Godbout

Nadine and I took the kids, had some fun!

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  015.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  033.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  044.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  056.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  057.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  010.jpg

John Elliot was proudly sporting his 91.3 information Morning T-Shirt!

Brent Mason and others performed for the crowd to show their support

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  013.jpg

Save_Our_CBC_Radio_Rally  023.jpg


List of CBC Jobs and Programs Cut

Posted on May 28, 2009 by

Posted this comment on Tod Maffin’s blog when asked for feedback on whether he should publish what he knows about job and program cuts at CBC:

If people and/or programs agree to be added or if the information has been made public, it is fair game.

We are all following because we all feel strongly about the cuts. I personally feel like the fabric of our Canadian identity is being attacked with this brutal affront to culture at the hands of a group that likely can’t even spell the word without a speech writer…

That said, Con or Liberal, the Canadian government has supported public broadcasting at a financial level that is almost rock bottom, per capita, in the Western world. We also have the most widely dispersed population base and difficult landscape to cover. That takes money and expertise to maintain.

Among many things, you are a journalist and you have information we need to hear about. Tickle that keyboard and journal for us, please!