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KV CHallenge Marathon Relay Race

Posted on October 16, 2011 by

Although I wanted to run a half marathon this year, a Spring season injury prevented that from happening. A nice 5 miler in Hampton was all I could manage to get ready for with the shortened training schedule. So when some co-workers asked if I wanted to be part of a 4 person relay for the KV Challenge Marathon, I gladly accepted, particularly after we named the team “Three turkeys and a young chick”!.

Then, more bad luck. I ended up with a flu bug that has been sweeping the population, filling my lungs with icky green stuff and making life quite unbearable for the last week. Despite the setback, I had agreed to be part of the team, so I didn’t want to let them down, and today, we ran the race.

I ran the second leg, from Hampton to Hammond River, NB. It was a bit more than 10 km (6.5 miles), and although my time was atrocious ( 1:06:39 / min/mile ), I was happy to be able to run it at all, considering how bad I felt Friday.

Hammond River Run Map

Hammond River Run Map, as captured by Runkeeper.com

Turns out our team came 9th out of 23 relay teams, not so bad! 🙂

Anyway, a hearty congratulations to all who competed!