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Chris Diving
I teach at The Dive Shack in Saint John, NB, Canada.
SCUBA Diving. What a rush!

I am an avid SCUBA diver and SCUBA Instructor with hundreds (maybe even thousands...) of dives and numerous certifications, including:
NAUI Instructor 32738
Now I can teach you, Grasshopper...
NAUI Nitrox Instructor 32738
Enriched Air Nitrox instructor
Assistant Instructor
Teach me Sensei! I apprenticed for many years before becoming an Instructor...
DSAT Trimix Blender
Call me the bartender of mixed gases!!!
PADI Enriched Air Diver
What type of gas do YOU dive with???
SCBA Air purity Visual Inspector
I can make sure your cylinders are safe...
Ice Diver
Yup, under the Ice. I even wear a neoprene dry suit once in a while if I start to get chilly...
Rescue Diver
I can save your butt in an underwater emergency...
Advanced Diver
Many moons ago I completed this course. I was just experienced enough at this point to be dangerous...
ACUC Open Water SCUBA Diver
Everyone has to start somewhere!

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